For sound mortgage and insurance advice, speak to a Mortgage or Insurance Adviser at Mortgage and Insurance Link Hawke's Bay today!

With over 36 years experience we are the go-to experts in Hawke’s Bay for everything to do with mortgages and insurance. We take your financial needs seriously and are in this with you for the long-run. We genuinely care about your outcome and are excited about what your future holds.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, an investment property or perhaps do some renovations, we have mortgage advisers with expertise and connections to get you the best solution possible.

At Insurance Link Hawke’s Bay, we can help you plan ahead by coming up with an insurance plan that protects you and your loved ones if something unforeseen happens.

Whatever it is, Mortgage and Insurance Link Hawke’s Bay team is always ready to lend a hand.

Why choose Mortgage Link Hawke's Bay?

Three inclusive, empathetic and dedicated people make up the Mortgage Link Hawke’s Bay team: Judy, Peter and Deb. Together we strive to make the process of applying for mortgages and insurance as easy as possible for our customers, so that they come out of our office satisfied and ready to take on what’s ahead.

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